Legalization is sweeping the world.

Why Now?

Legalization of cannabis is a growing trend, not only in the United States but internationally.

Our motivation, simple…success. Metron Capital is the compilation of businessmen that, while successful in their own right, have seen the talent in each other and the opportunity in this next great American Industry to take our success to new levels. We have no preconceived notions about the industry. We do not hold any bias. We make our business decisions based on business results. 



The California cannabis industry is projected to be a $25 billion industry within a few years

(USA Today, November 2016).

There has not been an opportunity like this since Steve Jobs made this first Macintosh and we plan on being an industry innovator. The time is now. Metron Capital is perfectly positioned with the right path, the right motivation, and the right captains to lead it and you to a new level in the annals of American industry.


Are you ready?

Metron Capital

Cannabis Investment Firm

Stockton California

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