What do these names have in common?

They are men born into an era of change. They had an opportunity to change the world and they took it.

Rockefeller. Carnegie. Buffet.

Mission Statement​

to create a fully integrated cannabis corporation that seeks to legitimize the industry while providing significant returns for our investors.

Areas of the cannabis industry we are a part of...




Manufacturing concentrates & edibles



Retail Dispensaries


Vaporizer technologies



Marketing & Advertising

Product Research & Development


and always looking for more opportunities!

Metron Capital Inc. (Metron) is a private equity firm. We operate and fund projects inside and outside of the cannabis industry. When we take on a new project, we take on new partners beyond financial. Because we operate in partnerships we are committed to making our projects succeed. We help our partners reach their greatest potential.

Metron stands on the crest of the next great American industry. Like steel, railroads, and the oil industry the American cannabis industry the next economic engine generating tremendous opportunities and profits. 


Metron’s path to success lies in full integration; as such, we are currently developing projects in all facets of the cannabis industry. A huge part of our investments is ancillary industries such as software, lights, and construction.


We understand that this is a new and unknown industry for many and that there may be some hesitation in taking advantage of this once in a generation prospect. While there are few guarantees in investing, Metron does guarantee that we will never put profits over compliance. 


Whether you have ten thousand dollars or two million dollars, Metron has investment options for you.


Metron Capital

Cannabis Investment Firm


Stockton California

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